Android PIe

Android 9 P (Pie)

Google has officially released the next major version of Android. This version of Android is named as “android 9 pie”. This version was first updated to the pixel devices and then to the other devices. Android pie is the new release of the Android operating system.

Many features have introduced in Android, which makes the phone smarter using machine learning.

  • One of the main features of this version is the adaptive battery coffee maker. This feature will see which user use lesser applications, so this feature does not allow these apps to use the battery and other sources of a phone which makes the battery of phone longer for a long time.
  • Similarly, the feature of adaptive brightness adjusts the display of luminous visas according to your current location and the work done on the smartphone.
  • The use of machine learning will be made faster on the phone most often. Apps from the feature called slices will be included in your search, For example, You search Uber in the google app, after which you will show a slice to uber which will be the option to go home or office, you can choose any option from the tap and for faster places can arrange the ride.
  • Add-ons launcher with app actions can add different quota actions per day or according to their activities. The new navigation system has also been included in android –pie, this system was working for a year. Multitasking is quite easy with this new design. You can watch full persuasion of apps used swipe-up anywhere and access it by tapping on one.
  • Notification in android pie has been updated with the new circle icon. Smart transfer option has been added to messages.
  • By the end of the previous year (2018) Digital Wellbeing feature was included in devices, in which a new dashboard is included, you can track the app usage and usage time.

In addition to android pie, many updates and security have been made in addition to them. Whether or not you have actually upgraded your Android version yet, there are tons of new features you will see when you run Android 9 and also right here is the detailed list of some coolest Android P features.

Some major and coolest Android P features

New Gesture Navigation

One of the most significant modifications facing you quickly in Android 9.0 Pie is the brand-new system navigating. The conventional Android navigation buttons have replaced with a tiny pill-shaped symbol at the bottom of the display. Swipe up from an all-time low to see your current applications, as well as a complete swipe up will certainly open the application drawer.

Android 9.0 Pie additionally brings a few brand-new motions, including holding the Power and Volume Up switches to stop buzzing, and also the option to silence your phone by turning it over.

  • Go Home by touching the new pill-shaped Home Button.
  • Open your app cabinet by Swiping up on the Home button twice.
  • To check out current apps, Swipe up on the Home Button.
  • Here you can communicate with apps to pick and also replicate the message
  • Swipe up to clear the listing
  • Press and Hold an application’s icon to Split Screen
  • To open an application, Swipe right and hold the Home button to scroll between apps and leave to open the one in the middle.
  • Swipe best swiftly and launch if you want to switch over to the previous app
  • Open Up Google Aide by Pressing and Holding the Home button.

Android Pie Gesture Navigation


Lock Down Mode

One of the most significant and amazing features of Android P is the brand-new “Lockdown” mode. To trigger it, hold back your power button and pick Lockdown from the list. This will lock your phone down, clearing all notifications and also individual info from your lock display. To unlock your phone, you’ll need to get in a PIN or password. No type of biometric access will unlock your phone, so no fingerprints, encounter unlock, or otherwise. Google has created this feature to protect against thieves or any person else who might attempt to open your phone by showing it your face or requiring your finger onto the sensor.

A new alternative that you can toggle from the Power menu, Lockdown Mode disables the fingerprint unlocks on your device, and also you will need to get in a pin to unlock your device.

Android Pie Lock Down Mode

Digital Wellbeing

One of Google’s significant spotlights is Digital Wellbeing in Android 9.0 Pie, guaranteeing your phone help you.

One of these new attributes is the Android Dashboard. A feature that helps track the amount of time you spend on your gadget. With Dashboard, you can see how much time you’re using your phone to send out messages, stream web content, browse the internet, or even make phone calls. You’ll additionally be able to set up screen time limits for certain apps, like YouTube, as well as also receive suggestions to take a screen break.

Android 9 Pie Digital Wellbeing

Wi-Fi MAC Randomization

The Wi-Fi MAC Randomization includes jobs by randomly appointing a new MAC address to your device each time it attaches to a new Wi-Fi network. This is among the numerous improvements that concern Android’s privacy and also safety and security abilities in version 9.

Multiple Camera Support

With Android Pie, programmers can at the same time access streams from 2 physical video cameras making use of the multi-camera API. As long as your phone makes use of at the very least dual rear electronic cameras or twin front cams, you’re excellent to go.

Do Not Disturb improvements

Do Not Disturb is now much less complicated to use. Touch it when as well as you will not see, listen to, or feel any brand-new alerts can be found in (besides alarm systems). You can tailor this to your liking in the Do Not Disturb settings, and like before, add routines for when you desire this to activate immediately, including when you have an event based upon your calendar

The Media Panel

Since the volume controls are committed to Ringer quantity, Android’s media establishing now has its volume control in a vertically straightened slider on the right side of the screen, and this exact same media panel presents different quantity controls settings for all the devices attached to your Android phone.

Android Pie Media Buttons

Notification Details

Finally, Android 9.0 Pie boosts notices. Among the major upgrades for the system is just how Android deals with repeat notices. If Android notices you repeatedly disregarding alerts from the same app, it’ll ask you whether you want to turn off notifications for that application. It likewise provides you the tools to take a look at which apps are bothering you one of the most. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications, and afterward hit Notifications, then touch through the choices to see a listing of which apps have actually sent out the most alerts. By default, this menu reveals a checklist of your newest alerts, which is also useful if you reject a notice without effectively reviewing it.

Android Pie Notifications

Google Maps is coming inside

Google Maps is one of the most utilized navigation apps. However, it has greatly only helped driving or walking outdoors, except for big indoor places like shopping centers. That, nonetheless, will transform. A brand-new feature in Android 9.0 Pie includes included support for “Wi-Fi Round Trip Time,” or RTT, which allows for more particular placing via Wi-Fi. Interior positioning, in a position like shopping centers, is about to obtain a great deal more precise.

Google Map

Boosted personal privacy

Google may not have the very best track record when it involves customer privacy. The new operating system variation will restrict access to the phone’s microphone, video camera, and other sensing units. You will be more than happy to know that all applications on Android Pie use HTTPS by default. Android cares about your personal privacy.

Other Features and improvements in Android P

There are lots of various other features that can find in Android Pie including:

  • The calendar events, as well as weather info can present on the lock screen
  • See the apps that send you one of the most notices from Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications
  • The volume buttons readjust just the media quantity
  • Get in touch with as much as 5 Bluetooth tools at once
  • Sharper emoji personalities
  • An enhanced message magnifier
  • Notch assistance
  • No video camera and also mic accessibility to history applications